Little lives that have a life expectancy of a toddler are Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie.  Prior to them were Molly and Keewi.  And even prior to them were Coco and Rosi.  In five days, Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie will be 11 months old.  It is unbelievable how quickly time has gone by.  Just one year ago was the first day when Keewi could no longer use her paws to eat.  This was roughly the same time when the little ones were conceived.  When Keewi died, her life energy were relayed to the little ladies.  When Molly died, 7 months later, her life energy were also relayed to the little ones.  Conservation of Energy at its finest.  Now, Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie are big, fat, and crazy!

Teeco: I am round and fat, but Daisy actually eats more than me!
Daisy: Apparently I am meaty …?
Clowie: Yes you are! :)

Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie camping

Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie are the only ones that climbed onto me when we first met.  Coco, Rosi, Molly, and Keewi all tried to run away.  I was planning to get only a pair of sisters, but then I came home with three because they all used charm.  It was very effective.

(Baby Daisy on the left; baby Teeco on the right; and baby Clowie to Teeco’s left.)
Welcome Daisy, Teeco, and Chuchu!

Daisy the Turbo Licker

Playing with Daisy means getting kisses from her turbo licks and nose pokes.  Teeco and Clowie give kisses too, but they are more like pecks (i.e., nose poke + one lick combo).  Daisy, on other other hand, fires out kisses.  If you use a finger tip to “lick” her back, she’d turbo lick that finger.   Then if you use another finger to “lick” the other side of her head, she’d switch over to licking that finger.  What always follows is super loud bruxing and boggling, with some belly tickles that are also followed by turbo licks as Daisy was flipped on her back.

Teeco the Storage Wizard

Little Teeco likes to hide and store all her food and save them for later.  This usually means that she doesn’t get the good stuff (like pistachio) because her sisters would end up eating them :(.  But if the food is too small to store, she would eat them right away.  So the key would be to give small pieces of food.  Also, not sure if Teeco enjoys being thrown into the air or what.  When she gets thrown, she just stands on the palm and lands back on the palm in the same position.  Daisy and Clowie would sink all four claws into the flesh of your hands in order to hold on to their dear lives!

Clowie the Defender

Clowie the Defender likes to use her nose and paws to nudge her human away.  She doesn’t like being petted like her sisters, but she likes it when she decides that she wants to be petted.  Usually, that happens when she climbs up to you or climbs onto your shoulder and starts bruxing and boggling softly, or gives you a peck with a lick.  That would be the signal to pet her, and she would then brux and boggle loudly to display her affection.  Also, Clowie loves to use the top of her cage for monkey-bar climbing, i.e., climbing while hanging upside-down.  There are no video proofs of this, however, because whenever the girls see a camera, they would stop whatever they were doing and run towards it.

I should also mention that Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie currently love listening to these songs with their human.  The second song was the song in the clip from the post, Remilia Scarlet Was Her, and has the same melody as 幽閉サテライト×白狐茶会|ありがとう; but there is something else that is very familiar about it, and I am not sure what.  It sounds very… soothing?  FYI, the sense of smell is the closest sense tied to memory – due to pathways within the brain that I cannot recall at the moment, and currently too sleepy to look up.  That is why smelling specific scent again can bring back pleasant memories of the time when the scent was present.  Though the memory lingers, the flower scattered… What was the flower?  Life?  And the “it” was… love?

The year 2017 will be a great year.  This will be the year to encode all the good memories through good music.  Many people make the mistake of doing what they want to do only when  it was too late for them to do it.  They unfortunately did not have a chance to learn from the precious little lives that life is short, and that every day should be routinely lived rather than blindly following routines for… not sure what they blindly followed routine for, actually.

Anyway, Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie smell sooooo good!  I am more than certain that all three, plus their human’s, oxytocin levels are currently very high.

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