Coco’s Visit

Last night, I had a very vivid dream of Coco coming for a visit.  It was old Coco, with her rather large mammary tumour.  Coco had never met Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie before; but in the dream, they met, and the little ones bullied her.  When Coco was little, she was the bully.  After she had mammary tumour, lost Rosi, and met Molly and Keewi; Molly became the bully.  Old Coco could not eat as fast as the younger Molly and Keewi, and the young ones (mostly Molly) would sometimes take food out of Coco’s paws.  Poor Coco would always squeak in protest.

Coco eating with Molly and Keewi

In the dream, the babies harassed Coco, in a way that was very similar to how Molly used to harass them.  The only difference was that it was not violent – as in no fur got pulled out.  This made dream Coco squeak, and so I picked her up and held her in order to prevent the little ones from harassing her even more.  I put Coco on my shoulder, and she stayed there, just like how Molly used to sit on my shoulder during her last days.  I could not remember Coco ever sitting on my shoulders when she was alive, so that was very special.  Next in the dream sequence, the babies came on my shoulders too to harass Coco again, who squeaked again, and so I picked up Coco again and cuddled her differently.  It was so nice to see, hear, and touch Coco again.

Molly Drinks Juicee

Funny thing is, I did wake up in the middle of the night (around 5:30am?) to check on Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie.  I don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night like that, but I am pretty sure that was not a dream.  Coco, wherever you are now, take care!

Daisy: Top!
Teeco: Top!
Clowie: Top!

Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie vs Ring

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