Near-Death Experience

I almost died today.  An hour and a half ago (at ~1:00 am).  This was a new experience that was very similar to the many perceived near-death experiences from the past.  An actual near-death experience also involves an overactive amygdala that results in panic-attack-like symptoms.  Namely, rapid breathing, rapid heart rate, and tears to release excessive cortisol.  What is different is that these tears had no painful memories associated with them.  They were simply liquid coming out of the eyes, and the emotion attached to it is: very scared.  I think my body is in shock.

What happened was that I was crossing the street, and a car making a left turn decided that I was invisible, and kept going fast as the left turn was made.  Then, it was as if I saw the car coming in at slow motion, there was a reflex decision on whether to run forward or to run backward.  The reflex decision chose the backwards option, and out of reflex, I ran backwards and avoided an accident that would involve me being dead.  I felt abnormally calm afterwards, as I saw the car slowed down after finishing the turn (and supposedly had already run me over) while I continued to finish crossing the street.  In the slow-motion mode, I thought of taking a photo of the licence plate, but somehow decided that finishing crossing the street was more important.  So I only wrote down what I remembered after I finished crossing the street.  By then, I could only remember 6 of the seven letters/numbers, and the colour and type of the vehicle.  I could feel that memories of the event was slipping away quickly, and it certainly feels very fuzzy now.  Retrograde amnesia.

It was not until I got inside the house, roughly 5 minutes later, that my brain started to let me process what had happened.  20 minutes after the incident, the panic-attack symptoms came about.  It lasted for a good 30 minutes.  After that, my whole body began to ache slightly, and my head also began to hurt slightly.  The breathing and heart rates remained rapid, but maybe very slightly less rapid than before.

I lived, again.

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