The Gift / Balance

To have the ability to see things that people cannot see…  That is, to see through lies (in things that are actually relevant, in contrast to games that are simply for fun); to see through fake behaviours that seem to fool some people very effectively; or to see through behaviours that are in general insincere with intentions that benefit no one but themselves, and at the expense of others’ well-being… This ability is certainly a Gift.  This same Gift also lets one see who is truly sincere, and who is genuinely kind and wishes for the best for others.  Unfortunately, the latter ability has been partially blinded by the ugly behaviours and actions that have thus far outnumbered the beautiful things that people can do.  I suppose the fact that I can still accept the existence of the latter ability means that this blindness is only temporary.  With the right type of resources, the strength of both types of vision should eventually come to a balance, in order to see both ugly and beautiful things evenly.

People do not understand the importance of balance.  When things are not balanced, things will fall apart.  People also confuse between balance vs. identicality, which are not the same.  A common mistake that is made is when people take extreme measures to achieve something, since extreme measures tend to show results that seem to lead them closer to achieving their goals.  However, these results are often only short term / immediate effects, and do not necessarily have any beneficial effect in the long term.  Many people are only interested in what they can see (i.e., with their eyes, in contrast to the type of vision given by the Gift).  What can one with the Gift do to warn them that these extreme measures do not provide benefits but can actually harm them in the long run?  Nothing.  They have eyes and ears to process visual and auditory stimuli – stimuli that are more appealing (e.g. those that are nicely packaged as seen in the media); but they cannot see or listen.

Sometimes, taking an opposite and less extreme approach is the only way to achieve a particular goal.  It will not be the most intuitive thing to do, but it will work, because it restores the balance, which cannot not be achieved with shortcuts.  How can one use the Gift to help others achieve balance?  Are people still worth helping?  For the ones that do not do ugly things to other living beings, yes.  Maybe they will not end up hurting one like all those ugly people that one has tried to help in the past.  Then the questions is: how?


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