Magnetic Pole Reversal, Magnetic Compass in Birds, Climate Change, Cancer, etc.

Thanks to playing with the fidget spinner, I now have an answer to whether the sun can ever rise from the west and set in the east!  The answer is yes.  It would be due to magnetic pole reversal, in which the magnetic north pole becomes the magnetic south pole.  If you are still alive then and have a compass handy, you will see that the direction in which the sun rises will be west on the compass!

Shortly after this epiphany on June 26th, I found out that a Magnificant Frigatebird is spotted close to Point Pelee in Leamington, Ontario, Canada!  She has been there since June 30th, and is still there now!  This is an incredibly rare sight since Magnificent Frigatebirds are seabirds that glide over the water for long periods of time (e.g. two months without landing).  To highlight how rare this is, these Magnificent Frigatebirds can be seen at the Galapagos Islands!  Because of the above events, the rest of this post happened.  The plan is to organize these points into an article, but that may or may not happen depending on time.  We’ll see, but at least the ideas are down when I need to get back to them later!

Known Facts:

1) Migratory birds (and non-migratory birds) navigate with magnetic compass, using Earth’s magnetic field

2) Earth’s magetic field is weakening

3) Decrease in Earth’s magnetic field strength is associated with increase in CO2

4) Climate change is associated with increased CO2

5) Decrease in magnetic field can be caused by changes in Earth’s magnetic pole (e.g. pole reversal)

6) Earth’s magnetic pole has been shifting more recently

7) Magnetic pole shift/reversal process deviates Earth’s dipole-ness into messy magnetic field lines

8) Earth’s magnetic field protects life on earth from external radiations


– These (esp #2, #3 & #4) can explain global warming?

– These (esp #1 & #7) can explain why birds end up at places where they normally aren’t found?

– These (esp #2 & #7) can explain part of the cause for various cancers? (Aside: And more radiation is applied to “treat” cancer)


Birds measure magnetic fields using long-lived quantum coherence

Even non-migratory birds use a magnetic compass

Magnetism: From Neuroscience to Climate Change?

Magnetic pole reversal ahead?

Hyperactive magnetic field may have led to one of Earth’s major extinctions

Magnetic North vs Geographic (True) North Pole

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