Last updated: April 9, 2016

Who is Peachea?

Peachea is a female of the Human race. One day, she appeared on Earth, without any instructions on what she is supposed to do there. That is what she will have to find out.

Growing up, everything Peachea did was considered “wrong”, so then a fear was developed to do anything. But over time, she learned that almost everything she did was actually not “wrong”. So now, despite being still slightly confused about how to live, she will overcome this induced fear and find out what it means to live.

Anyway, if you still have no idea who she is, neither does she.

Why is it called Mysteries of the Mind?

Sometimes Peachea likes to write; and sometimes she likes to take photos.

If a life is one with an average of “normal”, then it would be nice to live one with some sort of standard deviation. Otherwise, one may as well be an inanimate object to save all the effort of preventing any variance from happening.

This site is about the perspective / experience of a human being. What is perceived with the senses is what the mind would end up experiencing. What will be experienced is unknown, so what the mind will experience will also be a mystery. So there you go, enjoy the experience of the Mysteries of the Mind!

What is the Crystal Squirrel logo?


In the dark, where there is nothing, it is invisible, and it does nothing. But give it some light at different angles and at different intensities; and there will be reflections of different colours, shapes, and sizes. This is what the crystal squirrel does. It isn’t about what it is; and it doesn’t matter what it is. What’s more important is what it does when given the right kinds of resources.


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