Written on: June 28, 2011

Is there a point? You are not meant to win the prize, because you didn’t put any significant effort to earn it… other than perhaps taking a risk. That’s it. Pure risk. You can lie to yourself and say that you can eventually win if you be patient. But just as things can gradually go up, it can also gradually go down. You can lie to yourself and say that gambling a certain way can increase your chances of winning… whatever that is supposed to mean… but everything still comes down to taking a risk: A risk to lose.

Some people would argue that there’s also a chance of winning, but is there? Is it really winning, or is it just giving you more opportunity to lose? Let’s say you start with $50 and your goal is to get to $100. Not asking for too much really, just a double. Or maybe that is asking for too much. Anyway, to keep it simple, there are two extreme options: put all $50 in at once and hope it would go to $100 in one game, or put $1 at a time and hope that it will gradually get up to $100. The latter option might seem safer, and you can win so many times; but adding up the losses before getting to $100 (if it does get there), it will most likely add up to more than a loss of $50. But whatever, either way, you would still end up with achieving your goal, so that’s good. But that is being way too optimistic and assuming that you will reach your goal of having $100 by the end of the day.

Reality is not that optimistic most of the time. Most people end up losing, because casinos will need to make a profit. Rather than winning that extra $50 in one shot, you could lose it all in one shot. Worse yet, you could gradually see your original balance slowly going down to nothing, $1 at a time, while having so much hope that it will go back to increasing. Winning is a great feeling of course, as having extra is always neat. Losing, on the other hand, is losing after all, so not quite the equivalent to the opposite of having an extra, where your original amount still remains the same.

What’s wrong with having just $50 then? Nothing. In that case, why bother risking what you have and just be happy with that $50? Surely you can’t do as much as if you have $100, but with $50, you can still do quite a lot of things. In that case, what’s the point of being greedy and gamble while risking to lose what you already have?

But then again, Mahjong is also a form of gambling, and it is quite fun @_@… and it isn’t really about winning or losing anymore. At least it doesn’t have to be, or at least the focus doesn’t have to be about you gaining a profit, you winning or losing; but rather, the entire experience for everyone. And after playing a round of Mahjong, with money not as the focus, the pool of money can be used for everyone to go eat dim sum together, so basically there are no winning or losing. So maybe gambling isn’t necessarily a bad thing? Or perhaps while both are called gambling, they are actually two completely different things?

Published: August 13, 2011

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