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Another Chapter of the Children’s Literature

Today is August 13th.  This means that another chapter of Wings is due! Here is the next Chapter of Wings: Chapter 5

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Magnetic Pole Reversal, Magnetic Compass in Birds, Climate Change, Cancer, etc.

Thanks to playing with the fidget spinner, I now have an answer to whether the sun can ever rise from the west and set in the east!  The answer is yes.  It would be due to magnetic pole reversal, in … Continue reading

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2017’s First Article

It has been a while since any articles were written.  Four years, maybe?  Here is something to get the process started again:  Greetings Aside 1: There was an impulse to wipe out a bunch of posts and hide forever for … Continue reading

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The Flashbacks

Is it actually possible to recover?  The flashbacks… they keep coming back.  Everything was gone, and the only living things around were Coco and Rosi.  It was two weeks before the start of a new program, because a new start … Continue reading

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The Gift / Balance

To have the ability to see things that people cannot see…  That is, to see through lies (in things that are actually relevant, in contrast to games that are simply for fun); to see through fake behaviours that seem to … Continue reading

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Near-Death Experience

I almost died today.  An hour and a half ago (at ~1:00 am).  This was a new experience that was very similar to the many perceived near-death experiences from the past.  An actual near-death experience also involves an overactive amygdala … Continue reading

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Coco’s Visit

Last night, I had a very vivid dream of Coco coming for a visit.  It was old Coco, with her rather large mammary tumour.  Coco had never met Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie before; but in the dream, they met, and … Continue reading

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