Omg, let’s ban food!

Written on: October 10, 2011

Problem: Sharks dying off
Solution: Ban shark fin consumption altogether

Problem: Global warming/pollution/animals becoming extinct
Solution: Stop human activities altogether? aka. getting rid of all humans on earth?

You’re supposed to punish those who don’t follow regulations, as opposed to the tradition. The problem isn’t that eating shark fin = sharks going extinct. It is the people who are over-killing sharks for a profit, so when shark fins become available in the market, people buy them and eat them. Shark fins are a type of food; just as steak is food, chicken is food, lettuce is food, and the list goes on. If any of these foods start going low across the globe for whatever reasons, then you reduce their availability in the market. Unless of course you want to suggest people to stop eating food and just die.

Anything in excess is no good, and nothing in particular is good or bad. But when it is in excess, it is the excess that is problem, not the particular thing itself.

Of course, the reality is that they are still readily available in the market and affordable by many. But even if you do manage to ban shark fins, can you ban everything else that are harmful to the environment? You’d have to ban all human activity in that case!

And for those who enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing, this obviously does not mean that the way sharks were killed for the fins were fine. Obviously not. But whoever is regulating this terribly should be the ones punished, and not consumers who are simply buying this off the market because it is available in the market.

This video is hilarious! If only whoever made it didn’t twist the situation around and take this individual as the whole shark-fin eating population, and somehow giving people an impression that all those who eat shark fins are crazy.

Published: October 30, 2011

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