“But this is just my opinion…”

Written on: July 16, 2011

Why do people say this all the time? Obviously it is your opinion and not the opinion of another person, because otherwise it would be coming from their mouth and not yours. And if the intention is to point out that you are not stating the only true fact that everyone must abide by… well, why would you do that in the first place? And if you actually are, people can decide whether they absolutely must listen to you based on factors like your level of knowledge, your intelligence, your bs-ing ability, how much authority you have, etc, etc, etc. And then they can choose to ignore it if they disagree with it. That said, the line “but this is just my opinion” is completely redundant.

But this is just my opinion. Har har…… Har.

So it seems like people say it because they are scared of offending people. But if you’re that scared, then don’t say anything at all, and you’ll definitely not offend anyone that way. So many people are not comfortable about hearing/reading about things that don’t quite follow with what they believe in. That is normal, because the unknown and uncertainty can be scary. But it is one thing to feel uncomfortable about a different view and then try to understand why it is different, versus being oversensitive and then defend their own view without trying to understand the other’s view in the first place.

Those who are oversensitive about everything will get offended at whatever that you say unless you say what they want to hear, so perhaps the “but this is just my opinion” will make them feel better. But what is the point of even talking about things with these kinds of people if they don’t even have the ability to distinguish between your opinions vs. you forcing them to believe in what you hold? No, it is better to just leave them alone in their own world while saving your time saying “but this is just my opinion” to actually giving your opinion.

But really, this line is so redundant. Obviously you are stating your opinion when you are saying something. Otherwise you would be quoting everything because then it would be plagiarism, without penalty. You think you have the power to force people to follow what you say and take it as the whole truth? If the answer is no, then other people that are not oversensitive will also see it as a no too, but they will respect your opinion even if they do not agree.

Opinions are not about right or wrong. There is no right or wrong in an opinion, only fact has it. Not “fact”, but fact. So there is nothing to be scared about, because you won’t have to be scared about being wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with being wrong in the first place. No one is perfect, and no one should be perfect. In that case, state your opinion (and it is obvious that it is one when you state it), and let people agree, disagree, or ignore it. Forget about saying “but this is just my opinion” because people would rather hear your opinion than that line.

THE END. Happy posting!

Note: The above is the whole truth and you absolutely must follow very closely with what was said, or else something terrible will happen to you. But this is just my opinion.


Published: July 16, 2011

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