What is the Point?

Written on: August 12, 2012

If you are unhappy about something and figured out why it is making you unhappy, but you are not able to change it even though you know what needs to be changed… is there even a point in understanding this “why” in the first place?

What is worse: Remaining ignorant about this “why” while still having hopes/imaginations/beliefs that something or someone will make things better? Or knowing the “why” and realizing that things are the way things are and nothing can be done to change it? The latter seems worse, as there are no more hopes left. Maybe this is why people end up relying on hopes/imaginations/beliefs instead of trying hard to find out and accept the truth, once they have figured out the “why”.

If only there is a wise person, or anyone, who is beyond the greed for power and thirst for recognition to answer all the questions, or at least to guide one to the answers. Of course, a lot of the answers can be found through Mother Nature, as there is a lot more to learn from watching the interactions between plants, animals, and the natural phenomenon than from the educational system or from the superficial bs that people say. But still, even if it is impossible for any human being to understand everything there is to understand, surely there is at least one other human being out there who is trying to understand the world… not biologically, chemically, or physically alone… but all of that together, as a whole? And of course, with this understanding coming from experience rather than from purely memorizing and reciting what was previously written down by someone who has attained the power of knowledge.

In this world, is it possible to just know, without having to prove to others that one feels comfortable with what one thinks one knows? Is it possible to apply what one knows to those who one thinks can accept it, without having to prove to others that one has the ability to apply what one knows? In this world, it is unlikely, because everything is about gaining power from money, knowledge, fame, recognition, etc; the knowledge part only becomes a secondary thing, if not lower. What is the point of gaining knowledge in this world in that case, aside from the hope of gaining the power and recognition from knowledge? So you can pass them on to the next generation, and have the next generation ask the same set of questions all over again? Or to have them get more frustrated generations after generations that things are the way things are, and that they cannot do anything to change their fate? There is a common misconception that knowledge leads to satisfaction. No it doesn’t. Perhaps the power and recognition that one gains after putting down the knowledge found by others would lead to a bit of temporary satisfaction. But for many, that would only be satisfaction from the power and recognition, not from the knowledge. Only being able to know what needs to be changed, and then change what is unsatisfying can lead to satisfaction. But to know something, and not being able to do anything about it, would only lead to unsatisfaction.

This video is awesome:

Published on August 12, 2012

2 Responses to What is the Point?

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  2. A passerby says:

    they say ignorance is bliss..

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