Why do people become mental?

Written on: May 15, 2009

Why do people become mental? How do people lose their minds? What can be done to end this madness? The simple answer is to move them from Society to Utopia. Yup that’s it.

People are different (duh!), but Society wants people to be the same. The norm is like a prototype on how to live. Of course, an ostrich can never be made to look like a sparrow, but just because an ostrich does not look like a sparrow (aka. The bird prototype), it does not mean it is not a bird. Similarly, there are those that are born slightly different from others (purely talking about their cognition). They are the ostrich, which is very different from those birds that are born with two heads and a missing wing – those are not called birds. There are two ways that people can deviate from the norm – the ostrich way, or the mutated-bird way. For mutated birds, it is easy to turn them back to the bird prototype by simply chopping off one of their heads and giving them an extra wing. It is not as easy, and pretty much impossible to do that to an ostrich, since there is absolutely nothing wrong with it aside from the fact that it does not look anything like the bird prototype. There is bound to be trouble if you try to change them to look like a bird prototype (or sparrow).

Some people are born with a mutated brain – they need to be put on medications to make them relatively normal again. Some people are born with a fully functional brain, with perhaps a slightly different morphology than an average brain. Giving them medications to force it back to a normal shape might help them in the short run, but in the long term, it might just mess them up.

Why are people forced to live a certain way then… in order to follow a norm? Because differences are like the unknown, and the unknown is what people fear. Society is not meant to keep people in fear; rather, it is the other way around – to try to keep people happy. But this meaning is lost, so rather than bringing things to the norm to reduce fear, people are simply blindly trying to make everything the same out of fear. As soon as there is something unusual going on, they’ll try to change it or destroy it (if changing it does not work). For example, as soon as Galileo made a discovery that that it is the Earth that orbits around the Sun, he was threatened and put into quarantine. There are probably many great minds out there, but many are too afraid to speak out for fear that they would also be discriminated, which is what society does when something does not follow the norm. These people… while their own minds were primed to the norms of society, their uniqueness in thinking put their minds in constant conflict. Such conflict remains in their memory and cannot get processed to proceed toward/along the memory pathways. Perhaps there is a memory buffer to protect a person’s mind from conflicting ideas, but what if this buffer became stuck and eventually overloaded? Then what? Well, this is when a person becomes insane. Conflicting ideas force their way from the buffer into the memory pathway, which randomly processes these ideas. What the insane person say would then become absolute nonsense, and this good mindset is then lost forever… unless there are some ways to fix it.

These norms of society that primed the individual’s mind could be other people’s comment, the media, but mainly comments by those that the individual cared about the most (e.g. family members, colleagues, or whatever else is most important to them). Hence in order to prevent these societal disturbances from conflicting with their great revolutionary minds, the only way is to remove them from these comments. That is, remove them from society, and situate them at a place where their minds are free to operate. This is Utopia, which is not existent on earth.

Published: August 13, 2011

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