Written on: June 28, 2017

It was a dark, cold, and quiet place.  That was my first impression of the world.  My shelter was supposed to protect me as I grew, but realistically, I was trapped inside of it.  I tried to get out, but I was powerless.

As I got older, this shelter became more restraining.  Light was something that I still had no concept of.  The world continued to be dark and cold.  But I kept on waiting.  For what, I did not know, but I felt like there had to be more to this life.  Even if I called out for help and no help came; even if I tried to get out of this shelter, only to be exhausted after so many attempts; I kept on waiting.  One day, I told myself, I would be out of here.

As time passed, the restraint became more intense and intolerable.  It started to hurt even when I tried hard to bring myself closer together.  And I did bring myself very close together.

Eventually, the restraint got so intense, that I knew I would be crushed to death if I did nothing about it.  So I gathered all my strength and fought for my freedom one last time.  To my surprise, it worked.  I broke out of this trap, and instantly, I felt the warmth in the air.  For the first time, I could breathe fresh air.  It was an unusually pleasant feeling.  Slowly, I opened my eyes, and was instantly in awe with what I could see.  The world is a beautiful place!  I let my limbs stretch, looked up, and opened my mouth as wide as it possibly could as I called out: “I’m alive!”

Instantly, a worm was pushed down my throat, and I felt very satisfied.  That was my first meal as a fledgling.

Published on June 29, 2017