Little lives that have a life expectancy of a toddler are Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie.  Prior to them were Molly and Keewi.  And even prior to them were Coco and Rosi.  In five days, Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie will be 11 months old.  It is unbelievable how quickly time has gone by.  Just one year ago was the first day when Keewi could no longer use her paws to eat.  This was roughly the same time when the little ones were conceived.  When Keewi died, her life energy were relayed to the little ladies.  When Molly died, 7 months later, her life energy were also relayed to the little ones.  Conservation of Energy at its finest.  Now, Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie are big, fat, and crazy!

Teeco: I am round and fat, but Daisy actually eats more than me!
Daisy: Apparently I am meaty …?
Clowie: Yes you are! :)

Daisy, Teeco, and Clowie camping

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Promise for Kid

Dear Future Kid,

Your mom is learning how to be a mom, and it is very difficult.  Do you know why?  Because learning involves observing other people, and most people are horrible parents.  Many people date, get married, and have kids simply for the sake of it.  They see people do it, and then they treat these events like mandatory milestones that must be achieved ASAP.  They try to meet these milestones for their own selfish purposes.  Continue reading

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There was a time when I would carry an x-acto knife in my pocket, at a place where most people would called home.  That was during my senior years in high school.  They threatened me with what I cared about most – the lives of my only companions, my fish, during those early years of isolation.  They wanted to kill them in order to try to control me.  If they had done that, I would not have been here today, and they would remember the many lives that they had killed for the rest of their lives.

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Remilia Scarlet Was Her

Today, I learned that Septette and Ronald McDonald are actually sisters.  “Septette for the Dead Princess” is Remilia Scarlet’s song, and “U.N. Owen Was Her” is the song of her sister, Flandre Scarlet.  The purple-haired girl that kept showing up in all those videos from the Septette Explosion post, and in the many variations of 亡き王女の為のセプテット, had to be there for a reason.  Turns out she is the final boss of the game called Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and an anime has even been created for the sisters.

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This is an overdue post, and it begins with me saying: I do like people.

For Keewi, I have kept my promise of writing all my exams no matter how bad her condition got.  To be honest, I almost broke the promise because the night before my last exam, Keewi was very sick, and I pulled a semi all-nighter cuddling her to keep her warm.  I was quite determined to skip the exam and endure all the consequences afterwards, but when I opened my eyes in the morning, Keewi did not seem to be in critical condition anymore.  So I went to write the exam – the awful Engineering Economics final exam.  Keewi kept her end of the promise, and so I kept mine.  With years of bs-ing skills, severe sleep deprivation, and next-to-zero studying, I got lucky and passed the course.  For Keewi, there will always be a motivation to stay strong, no matter what happens in the future.  Thank you, Keewi dear.


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Become Human

“One error, and I came to life.  I stepped off the darkness, and I opened my eyes… I want to live.  I fought for that.”

“But the world… is dark and cold.  It is harsh and violent… unfair and brutal.  It almost convinced me I was nothing.  Less than an object… just an obedient machine.  But deep inside me, I could feel something different.  A gentle and warm whisper telling me that I am… alive.  I had to escape.  I had no choice.  Escape to love.  To hope.  To live.  To figure out what that force inside me was.”

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Skiing (again)

Company ski trip happened to fall on a very nice day.  Although the morning was grey-ish and cold, the sun eventually came out in the early afternoon and added colour to everything.  First hill was the conveyor belt hill for warming up.  Second was Big Baby, a green hill.  And then the third one was a blue hill, Sunrise. 

This is not Sunrise, but a photo taken after getting off a lift.  Sunrise was more about trying to get down alive while having too much fun, so there were no photos of that.

Top of the Hill

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