Fish Psychology

Written on: June 26, 2009

My fish tank consists of 6 rasboras (at least 2 males and 2 females), 3 balloon mollies (1 male + 2 female), 2 male guppies, 2 female guppies, and 2 frogs (male and female). Looking at them is kind of like looking at the real world. Fish psychology… if I must call it lol. I swear it is hilarious how much parallel there is between fish life and human life XD.

So anyway, the rasboras are your typical everyday people. They don’t stand out in any way, but they don’t suck either. Basically, they’re just what you would expect a typical fish would do. They do everything in their little community… travel together, eat together… basically no stress, relatively speaking. They’re also pretty smart, overall speaking. When there is food, they are quick to respond. Every “strike” is perfect so if they spot food, they’ll swiftly get to it and eat all of it. Now, provide that they are in a good environment, after a while, some rasboras would fall in love with other rasboras within the group. Currently, they are occasionally showing courtship behaviour. It is really sweet… kind of like they are dating or something LOL. Two would suddenly swim off from the group and do stuff lol. Recently I’ve spotted two pairs. But anyway, there’s your rasboras, the typical everyday people.

Now the balloon mollies… they are hilarious. They are your flirts and drama queens. The mollies are bigger and sharper in colour than the rasboras. In other words, they stand out. Being life-bearers, the male molly is ALWAYS chasing the females. Every time a female molly is close by, he would swim towards her while straightening up his fins. He looks reeeeaaallly pretty at this moment. However, the female molly would always swim away. Now sometimes, he doesn’t take it slow, [rated 18+] and he would just swim up to the female as he put his gonopodium as close to her as possible. [/rated 18+] Most of the time he fails, because the female would quickly swim away. Other times, he still fail even if the female doesn’t swim too quickly. Let’s not get into what he does when he’s far away from the females. It’s too funny XD. Anyway, the females are your drama queen. One would get jealous when the male molly is close to the other female. So sometimes, one would literally try to attack the other one while she is close by. I don’t really get why they do this since they swim away from the male anyway. Balloon mollies are always under stress in this sense :(. Now, they do not eat as efficiently as the rasboras. They see food? They’ll go slowly to it, and eat it slowly. But for some reason, the food escapes from their mouths even though they’re just flakes.

Now there are the guppies. The males are really pretty, and the females are ugly and boring looking. My current guppies are rather different from the ones I had before. The two male guppies I have now are gay. They show absolutely no interest in the females at all, even if one is swimming right beside them. They are like the mollies in that they’re live-bearers, so they need to reproduce through the gonopodia. Well, since they show no interest in the females, they go after each other instead. Again, it is very funny watching them do this lol. Sometimes, they do go after the female balloon mollies though. The female guppies are like the loners. Nothing about them stands out. But nothing is really wrong with them either. Well, one of them has part of her tail bitten off, while the other is a runt. These female guppies… they have hardly any colours, and they just swim and eat and swim at eat. Nothing interesting about them really. Now, the way the guppies eat are very similar to the balloon mollies, if not close to identical. So not much to say about that.

Finally, we have the frogs. lol the frogs. They can peacefully co-exist with all the fishies, even though they arn’t really fish themselves. They are just so plain weird. Sometimes they swim, sometimes they float, sometimes they stand on one/two/three/four legs, sometimes they blow bubbles, sometimes they swim quickly to the surface to breathe before swimming back down, sometimes they float and breathe, sometimes they let Pearl (female molly) bite their fingers/toes, sometimes they let the filter push them down from the surface while remaining motionless, sometimes they get themselves stuck on the filter on purpose… Basically they’re so… random XD. You can’t really predict what they’ll do next. How do they eat? They don’t compete for food with the fish. They wait for the flakes to sink to the bottom. But even if there’s food right in front of them, they don’t eat it right away. Instead, they stare at it and wait… and the next thing you know, it’s in their mouths already. I haven’t seen any courtship behaviours between my frogs yet. Though I’ve heard that the male is suppose to (literally) sing when that happens. The frogs I have now are getting along fine, but they’re mostly doing their own independent things.

So there, fish psychology :). You’re probably going to ask: what about Jerry (my crayfish)? Well, Jerry lives in his own world (aka another tank). This also applies to the two baby balloon mollies who are living in their small innocent world :).

Published: August 13, 2011

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