Life on the Roller Coaster

Written on: June 21, 2012
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If life is a roller coaster, I’d like to think that I am at this point (red arrow) of the Behemoth. Not quite at the peak, but almost there, so it is quite anxiety-provoking as you sit there freaking out over what the rest of the ride will be like. Are there any breaks in the track up ahead (because so-and-so told you they’ve heard that rollercoasters have “brakes”)? Or why is the climb taking forever and why has it been so difficult so far? Your mind wanders about these nonsense because there is there is still room in your head to do so at this point. And so, all that worries and anxiety might make you quite miserable because you’re kinda stuck there, feeling quite helpless, and cannot turn back.

The climb to the peak will be harder and even more tiring from this point on than before, because there is now more gravity to overcome. But once you have finally reached the top, that is where the fun and thrill begins… with that HUGE drop to start off with! And the rest of the ride will be all nice and smooth. Obviously, there will still be smaller humps to climb, but they are really there for you to enjoy those smaller drops anyway, since you already have the momentum to climb them with ease… unless of course your initial climb was too easy and/or not high enough to start with.

So then the rest of the ride will be a rather enjoyable one. Not to mention, the rest of the ride is much longer than that initial climb to the peak, but it will also be so nice and smooth (and thrilling), that you won’t realize the ride is over when it brakes near the end of the track. Then you comment about the entire ride, reflect on it maybe. And then the track takes you back to where you begin and you move on to another ride.


Published on June 21, 2012

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