The Creation Story

Written on: March 12, 2011

With a bit of knowledge of the Bible (as told from the perspective of Christianity), it makes sense to me that there must be something superior, aka a god, that created all life on earth. But what differs in what makes sense to me is their belief of this god as the “father”, “all-knowing”, “forgiving”, etc. It makes sense to me that just as humans can create robots and are “all-knowing” relative to these robots, the same can apply to this god as “all-knowing” relative to the life that was created on earth. After all, computers work through electric currents and so do neurons.

To me, the Bible provides a very simplified background because people at the time do not understand complex scientific terms. So instead of saying that we are made with different carbon chains from organic chemistry, the Bible replaced it with “clay”. Taking a rib out of Adam to make Eve might be a simplified way of illustrating the process of obtaining some bone marrow stem cells from the “ribs”, making some adjustments to the DNA, and finally reprogramming an Eve out of it.

This god “made the man in His image”, just as how we are able to make super realistic and human-like robots. To the robots, we know everything because everything they know is programmed by people. To us, the god knows everything because everything we know is programmed by the god. People think we are unique from animals because we are made “in the image” of god, perhaps as the final product of the creation, whereas animals are just partial products of this work. That is, animals are needed to test out the little mechanisms that will eventually be used to make humans.

So in this evolution of life, you start off with something simple, like a single-celled organism. When the construction of the basic unit works well, let’s alter the DNA a bit and make them bigger, into multicellular organisms. When that works too, let’s make them bigger and bigger, and eventually you end up with a complex thing called a fish. Some of the features seem neat, but probably won’t be good for a human. In that case, whatever, leave them there anyway and develop further ones that don’t carry those features but with new features instead. It would be a waste to destroy them since there was already so much energy put into making so many of them. In that case just let them hang around and let them disappear/become extinct if they have to. The newly made and bigger organisms (further developments) could just eat them as a way to recycle the resources.

So on and on, more DNA got altered and evolution of the different kinds of fishes came about. Pharyngeal gill slits got replaced by the operculum, etc, and eventually you end up with the whales and dolphins. They’re mammals alright, but not quite the way humans should work out. Then what? There’s still a lot of resources out there so let’s go back to somewhere earlier on in the fish linage and try to alter the DNA a bit from that point on to program them into amphibians. Everything seems to be working well as it progresses to the reptiles, then dinosaurs… ooh yes, the dinosaurs. So awesome and destructive but they’re pretty cool. Let’s have them around for a while. In the meantime, let’s progress them further and reprogram them into birds. And so you get some birds. That was fun, but dinosaurs weren’t exactly what you wanted to end up with, so you go back to the linage to the point of amnioata and reprogram the development or alter the DNA from there.

Now you get small land mammals developed for the first time, and kind of want to continue the line from there to reach the state of humans. But you’ve got all these gigantic dinosaurs out there taking up all the resources for further development. In that case, BOOM, destroy everything on land, leave everything in the water alone, and restart from that point on. This time, you’ll remake everything you’ve made from the fish line before, with the exception of the dinosaurs, and the goal is to allocate all the resources to developing these mammals. Reptiles and birds are made first because they were pretty much well established before the development of mammals. And so this is the period when the number of reptiles greatly outnumbered the number of mammals on land. But eventually, more DNA alterations for reprogramming led to the proliferation of more varieties of mammals. And the number of mammal species shoot up.

Like the development of the fishes, traits that were made but don’t seem to work well for humans were excluded from the DNA reprogramming. But whatever that was already made were left there, or dumped at the Galapagos Islands or loaded to Australia to float away as side projects. Everything made was not destroyed but simply left there to become part of the food chain to recycle resources.

Eventually, after much DNA modifications and reprogramming, apes were created. And after that, it is finally time to make humans. It has to be perfect because the god is a perfectionist. Ape DNA were reprogrammed to form the different kinds of humanoids like Homo erectus, Lucy, etc. None of them were quite the way they’re supposed to end up, and because they are humanoids, they take up a lot of resources like those dinosaurs, so those were actually destroyed in that DNA refining process. Eventually, you end up with Homo sapiens, and the god named them Adam.

Now these should be on the “sixth day”, where the creation of the land animals and the whole refining and testing phase of the Homo sapiens (or Adam and Eve) take place. Everything before the destruction of the dinosaurs would be under the “fifth day”. These Homo sapiens were created and tested at a sanctuary called Eden.

The rest is too deep… can’t figure out what it could possibility mean. But women supposedly ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge first, and there’s a parallel with the fact that hemisphere dominance develop earlier in girls than in guys, such that language becomes lateralized earlier for girls.

And when everything is done, on the “seventh day”, the god can finally sleep.



1) Academia (i.e. courses): Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Neuroanatomy, Brain Activity & Behaviour Seminar, Comparative World Religions, Principles of Evolution, Diversity of Fishes, Avian Biology

2) Work: Lab in Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience, Lab in Physiological Mechanisms of Memory

3) Other: Bible, The Mists of Avalon


I didn’t mention anything about insects because I don’t like them and I’ve never taken invertebrate anatomy so I don`t know anything about them. Same with geography and physics, so no stories for the “days” one to four.

After more thoughts, a night’s sleep, and more thoughts:
[probably few days after March 12, 2011]

The Tree of Knowledge

When we make a robot, we make them, they function, and that’s that. We don’t tell the robot why we created the robot. The robot won’t understand why they were made, or even question about their existence.

… to be continued.

Published on March 12, 2016

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