The Missile

Written on: September 18, 2012

If you are standing at Point A, and a missile is fired at you from a great distance (Point B), you are pretty much dead by the time you see (with your naked eye) that the missile is coming at you. What if, at Point A again, you happen to have a scope that allows you to see Point B, at the time when the missile is fired? Then you can simply step away from Point A and dodge the missile in time. Then you step back into Point A.

The scope is man-made, “unnatural”, but it has just changed you fate of death. If you didn’t know that there is such a tool as a scope (as it is way beyond the bow and arrow that your prehistoric self knows of), but all of a sudden you have used this scope that has literally changed your fate; then has this scope just allowed you to look into your “future” so that you can take measures to avoid your fate of death?

So what has just happened here? A missile is fired from Point B to your location at Point A. If you saw the missile with your naked eye, without much time to think, your natural instinct would be to run away from the missile, along the straight path that the missile is moving through. With the scope, however, you ended up stepping off that straight path so that the missile can go past Point A without hitting you.

As the “natural” thing to do is to run along that straight path where the missile is moving through, this “natural” is defined as moving in a 1D fashion (i.e. forward vs. backward, towards vs. away from Point B, etc.). The scope is also functioning at a 1D fashion since it is only allowing you to look further at Point B – hence still in that straight path. So technically, the scope is still “natural”, but just very advanced to you. What is “unnatural”, however, is stepping away from Point A, out of that straight line, because now you are moving in a 2D fashion. Based on your prehistoric definition of “natural”, moving in a 2D fashion is “unnatural”. But it has been done, because it can be done.

What if “1D” here is upgraded to “3D”; and the “2D” here is upgraded to “4D [time]”?

1) Casual talk about Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla… which somehow led to;
2) Casual talk about a Chinese equivalence of a Ouija board (forgot what it is called)
3) Ouija board
4) String Theory
5) Relativity

Published on September 18, 2012

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