Chapter 2

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Written on: August 22, 2014

Nightmares were not preventable. The dreams of falling to her own death had been replaced by the very sight of the smaller bird’s fall to his death. What were the odds of a physically grown bird surviving after making impact with the ground? She was light when she fell out of the nest. The leaves and branches caught her, and flapping those immature wings had definitely helped. She owed her life to those leaves and branches, but they had also formed a canopy that had completely blocked her view of the fate of the smaller bird.

Back at the big nest, the big birds were quite shocked and couldn’t quite process what had happened. No one could, actually. Up there was the big nest, and down there was the canopy. There was nothing to do other than to find shelter from potential predators at that point, and that was what the little bird did. When the brighter world returned, and the nightmares halted, the little bird kicked off from the branch she was on and dived into the air. Broken wings or not, one must learn how to fly and feed in order to survive.

That same feeling of falling to death was also the same feeling of rising up to life. In the nightmares, the only direction was downwards; but in reality, there was up and down depending on whether any action was taken. The little bird spread her wings and flapped, but as they were weak and broken, they were only able to slow down the fall as she hit a lower branch; that same scary feeling of almost-death again. Nonetheless, she hopped back up to some upper branches, the way she had done back when she used to race with the juvenile squirrels, and dived again.

The brighter world was soon consumed by the darker world. The little bird returned to her shelter and looked up into the sky. The shooting stars were no longer there. Earlier that day, her ears had not picked up any sounds of vultures either. Upon realizing that no birds had made impact with the ground, the little bird closed her eyes and for the first time, fell into a dreamless sleep.

Published: August 23, 2014

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