Chapter 3

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Written on: July 28, 2015

Flying was not easy. Another kick-off from the branches meant more scratches from the twigs and leaves that slowed down the fall. The little bird was hungry and exhausted, and there were no more strength in the wings. This time, she fell through the leaves and into what seemed like a tiny but cosy nest. It was an abandoned nest with a layer of white feathers at the base. Under this layer, two eggs began to crack. Shortly after, two tiny beaks poked through the cracks for their first breath of fresh air.

The baby birds chirped. Instinctively, the little bird climbed out of the nest and onto the branches. She could not fly, yet; but she could definitely climb. The crawly things on the trees had kept her alive, albeit insufficient for growth. Since the babies were tiny, it should be enough to keep their bellies filled. The little bird ate some of the crawly things and brought the rest back to the baby birds.

The babies birds grew alarmingly fast. It was fortunate that the crawly things were the right type of food for them, but the little bird ensured that the babies had a variety of food as they grew. Dragonflies and damselflies were amongst their favourites. It took an overwhelming effort to catch them at the beginning, but the wings became stronger over time. Fish were even more difficult to catch, but the babies did enjoy the occasional treat.

One day, the baby birds flew away. Physically, they were no longer babies; they were fully grown for their species. The tiny nest was too small for them – for all three of them. It was only natural that they flew out into the bigger world.

Alone on the tiny nest, the little bird looked around for the last time and thought, “Maybe this is enough.” She loosened the tiny nest from the branches and knocked it down. Again, she kicked-off from the branch and dropped downwards. The nest was just below her when she sank her claws into the falling object, spread her wings, and carried herself and the tiny nest above the canopy of leaves.

It was time to repair the hole in the big nest.


Published: July 30, 2015

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