Chapter 4

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Written on: August 14, 2016 – September 5, 2016

The big nest, as expected, was neither cosy nor clean. For the first time, the little bird looked at the big birds and noticed that they were quite malnourished themselves. The little bird brought the tiny nest to the hole where the small bird fell through and patched it up. Now there was one acceptably cosy spot in the big nest.

The little bird found some food (the right food) for the big birds, but the big birds did not want them. They only wanted shiny objects, which had no nutritional value in them.

The little bird recalled the time of surviving under the big nest. There were dirt thrown at her whenever she climbed. The big birds had thrown dirt at her because they believed that climbers were bad at finding shiny objects. And they did not want her to climb away. Indeed, they had expected the little bird to bring them shiny objects.

The little bird recalled the time when she decided to stop climbing. That was when she discovered that she had wings. She began to experiment with them, and flapped them. More dirt was thrown at her because she was not growing shiny objects from magic for the big birds. These extra dirt somehow included the small bird from the big nest. The big birds were so malnourished that they did not realize they had kicked down the small bird with the dirt. Oops.

The little bird looked at the big birds with pity. She wanted to take the tiny nest back and leave, but the tiny nest would not loosen from the big nest. Instead, the tiny nest produced two tiny eggs that were very similar to the previous two eggs. From magic? The little bird sat on the eggs, hatched them, and taught the babies how to fly. Like the two previous babies, one of them matured very quickly and flew away. The other remained to accompany the little bird. Soon after, the little bird found three more tiny eggs in the tiny nest. The magic nest had grown a shield to deflect dirt.

Published: September 5, 2016

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